Often mistaken for a British fashion phenomenon, The Kate Effect is in fact a band. Hailing from Switzerland, the trio plays a combination of Melodic Death Metal and Thrash Metal with the occasional sprinkle of Hardcore. Founded in 2011, the band adopted a name inspired by both Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge and a fair bit of nonsense. After the triumphant release of the debut record “Make Metal Kate Again”, Lukas Villiger (vocals), Martin „März“ Kubli (guitars) and Marco „Rada“ Radamonti finally completed their roster with drum prodigy Damian Schuler, who also plays in the Swiss Rock phenomenon Smack. The Kate Effect is currently busy with writing and releasing new material, demolishing every stage they can set a foot on and, most importantly, having tons of fun in the process.


The First Demotape


6 Songs


Our One Purgatory

For I Have Sinned

The Void That Bear Your Name


Nothing Left

The First EP


5 Songs

Run (Rerecorded)

Reclaim Your Soul

Come Watch TV

Zero Derivation


The First Sinlge


1 Songs

Until It Breaks


Lyric Video : Come Watch TV

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